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Hogshead Cooper I

Repair collapsible mats and examine the hogshead mats to check the damages.

What does a Hogshead Cooper I do?

Repairs collapsible mats for reuse as tobacco containers: Examines hogshead mat to determine extent of damage. Removes damaged or broken staves, hinges, wire hoops, or metal bands from hogshead mat, using hammer, crowbar, pliers, or portable circular saw. Positions and nails precut staves or stave patches into hogshead mats, using staple gun or hammer. Straightens or replaces precut wire hoops or metal bands. Threads wire hoop through wire hinge or metal band into metal hinge and secures hinge to hoop or band, using hammer. Nails hoops or bands to staves, using staple gun or hammer. May replace defective cleats, using handtools.