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Hod Carrier



Help Masons and Bricklayers by carrying stones and mortar around work sites

What does a Hod Carrier do?

As a Hod Carrier, you work with your hands to create brick-and-mortar masterpieces. Along with Brickmasons, Bricklayers, and Stonemasons, Hod Carriers work in the field of masonry, where structures (buildings, walls, driveways) are erected using individual units (bricks or stones) held together by mortar (the adhesive mixture).

General-purpose assistance is what a Hod Carrier provides. You need physical strength to mix, pack, and carry bricks, stones, mortar, and other construction materials necessary for the project.

Originally named for the masonry-specific tool (hod), you make the job easier for the person you assist. Constructing scaffolds, trestles, boxes, and staging areas is your responsibility as well. At the end of the workday, you’re the person who cleans up the area and the equipment.

The work conditions can be tiring and the hours long, but it’s well worth it. After all, that’s how you learn the valuable skills of the trade. Depending on the climate, you may work outdoors all year round, or split the time based on projects.

Weather conditions also play a role in determining the number of days you work in a week. Too rainy or too cold and you may not work at all. But when Mother Nature cooperates, you may work 12- to 16-hour days. Once the job is completed, you’ll have the satisfaction of driving by in the coming years and seeing the fruits of your labor, standing proud and erect.

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