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Look after patients who are infected with HIV or AIDS.

What does a HIV/AIDS Nurse do?

HIV/AIDS is a stressful medical condition that requires patients to make major lifestyle changes so they can fight off the illness as long as possible and prolong their lifespan. As an HIV/AIDS Nurse, you play an instrumental part in helping patients cope with their diagnosis and take steps toward living out a longer and more productive life.

An HIV/AIDS Nurse is a type of Registered Nurse who specializes in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Your primary tasks as an HIV/AIDS Nurse include collecting blood and other samples for testing, and educating the patient on ways to manage her condition. The patient’s Doctor designs the treatment plan and you help implement it.

Each patient checkup starts with you updating his medical chart and asking about any new symptoms he’s developed. The Doctor visits with the patient and assigns a diagnosis or alters the treatment plan as needed. You verify that a new prescription is safe for the patient and explain the treatment plan in more detail.

Working with HIV/AIDS patients can cause you stress and emotional strain, especially when you’re treating patients who don’t have much time left to live. In these situations, your goal is to make their lives as fulfilling and comfortable as possible by recommending a Psychologist for counseling or advising the Doctor to prescribe pain medication to help with pain management. Your work helps each patient live a satisfactory life despite an HIV/AIDS diagnosis.