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Work on a medical lab team that analyses mounted slide samples.

What does a Histotechnologist do?

Histotechnologists take the award for attention to detail. As a Histotechnologist, you prepare small pieces of human or animal tissue for examination under a microscope. You do this by slicing the tissue and applying it to a glass slide that fits underneath the microscope. Other times, Histotechnologists freeze new tissue samples to preserve them until they are needed.

Slide preparation is crucial to a study’s findings. If the tissue isn’t kept in its original state, new bacteria can form on or die off the sample, altering its original makeup. The slides may be used to help solve a criminal investigation, or to achieve a breakthrough in medical research.

You work with a group of Scientists or researchers who need carefully prepared samples for their studies. In your laboratory, you find out what slides your research team needs, and cut thin slices from the matching tissue samples. Each sample is placed on a slide, and often coated with a colored stain that makes the tissue easier to see.

Depending on your interests, you can either work at a variety of jobs or choose a single specialty. Histotechnologists can work in very specialized areas, such as cytotechnology, the study of diseases and cancers found in the body.

No matter what specialty you choose to tackle though, one thing you always do is mind the details. You keep those details intact to help solve mysteries and save lives.

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