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Historiography Professor

Teach university students about historiographic methods.

What does a Historiography Professor do?

Historiographers make sure historical accounts are as accurate as possible. And as a Historiography Professor, you teach them how it’s done.

Employed by colleges and universities, you wear two hats. The first is ” Professor, ” which requires teaching courses on the topic of historiography—the study of how history is written, recorded, and shared—by creating lesson plans, giving lectures, assigning homework, and giving exams.

The second is “researcher,” which requires working as an active Historiographer. A professional skeptic, you spend your time playing devil’s advocate, analyzing historical documents in order to ask the question, “Can I trust this document?” In pursuit of “Yes” or “No,” you analyze who wrote it as well as when, how, and why.

Your goal is to decide if the document is credible, authentic, and reliable, and to uncover any perspectives, filters, or biases that might flaw its content. A history Detective, you’re paid to distinguish between facts and fibs, then report on your findings in scholarly articles and presentations. No matter your focus, your goal as a Historiography Professor is always the same: Teaching society and students that nothing is what it seems. Including what’s written in history books.