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Research the methods for recording history.

What does a Historiographer do?

Historiographers study the histories of histories. They make exhaustive investigations of the past writings of other Historians in an effort to learn about multiple methods of research.

Many Historiographers choose to focus on one branch of history. This kind of specialization allows them to gain a handle on the outline of the subject in general. Then they also learn about the major and minor figures who have written about it.

As a Historiographer, you spend your days researching, reading, writing, and studying. But that’s not to say you live a life of academic boredom. One day, you might be digging up old files in a library, and the next, you could be traveling halfway around the world to interview a noted Historian.

Your research can be as vibrant or as static as you want it to be. Historiographers bring the past to life, and give it new purpose and meaning in the present day.

You can also play a more practical role in modern government or social initiatives. Here, you gather information, present your findings, and even help educate the public about the different ways historical events have been recorded and portrayed. Whatever direction your career as a Historiographer takes, don’t expect it to be ordinary.

You’ll need dedication, drive, and top-notch research and organizational skills to succeed. As a researcher, your workday stops when you want it to, but your curiosity is the only thing that can tell you when it’s time to turn off the lights and go home.

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