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Historic Site Administrator

Organize exhibits and tours at historic sites.

What does a Historic Site Administrator do?

Historic sites are the stuff vacations are made of. Families organize entire road trips around these famous spots, planning to look at the exhibits, take photographs, and imagine themselves doing amazing, historic things. A Historic Site Administrator has a role to play in these happy vacations. As a Historic Site Administrator, you protect and preserve those important sites, and create exhibits and presentations for visitors to see.

Knowing everything you can about the site where you work helps you succeed as a Historic Site Administrator. Reading newspaper accounts, letters, journals, and other documents consume much of your time. These documents may help you answer questions from nosy tourists, and they may also form the kernels of ideas that you can use to create presentations and exhibits.

Your site may have artifacts that you can display and explain. Creating realistic representations of life in the area or recreations of a single important day can make for an interesting spectacle. Sometimes, you give curious people tours that explain the exhibits. Other times, you hire volunteers to give those tours, and training those volunteers is also your responsibility.

Some visitors are content with taking pictures of the site and your exhibits. Others, however, will want to take items home with them, so you hire and supervise Security Officers to prevent them from stealing or defacing your hard work.

Promoting your work isn’t boasting; it’s part of your job. You create websites, brochures, advertisements, and press releases to lure people to come and see what you’ve done. When the parking lot is full of guests, you’ll be permitted to do a small victory dance.