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Histology Supervisor



Manage a medical analysis laboratory.

What does a Histology Supervisor do?

A Histology Supervisor’s job isn’t about what the naked eye can see. It’s about what it can’t see.

A Histology Supervisor directs a laboratory of Histotechnologists as they perform analysis of plant and animal cells and tissue too small to see without a microscope. As a Histology Supervisor, you keep everyone on schedule and perform experiments of your own. The ultimate goal is to offer better health care and diagnose diseases.

The laboratory is your ship and the Histotechnologists are your crew. You keep the lab looking shinier than a ship’s deck, and act as the Ship Captain giving the orders. Every procedure is followed precisely, and every test result is double-checked for accuracy.

The Histotechnologists spend their time cutting up samples, applying stains or chemicals, and examining them under the microscope. When they have the results, they report to you. After gathering enough data, you create a report of your team’s findings.

As Supervisor, you spend much of your time scheduling work shifts, handing out disciplinary action if necessary, and assessing each individual’s performance. You train new staff members and set clear goals for the entire team. Knowing what you want to achieve is half the battle. Dividing the workload so no one feels overwhelmed is also your responsibility.

A project may be as simple as identifying a disease in a sample of tissue, or as groundbreaking as documenting the effects of a new virus on the body. Whatever the task, every step you take is a step toward a healthier future.

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