Hip Hop Dancer

Perform hip-hop moves as a dance crew member.

What does a Hip Hop Dancer do?

The job of a Hip Hop Dancer isn’t about putting on skimpy clothing and boogying in an MTV video. When you’re a Hip Hop Dancer, the choreography you follow and the cultural movement you’re a part of are all about being fresh, empowered, and soulful.

You’re walking home from school when, down the street, you hear a stereo pounding. The music has power, cadence, and a quick beat that’s starting to make your feet have a mind of their own. You remember hearing the same song played at your last school dance, and how nothing could stop you when you were on the floor.

Mind, body, and wardrobe, you’re devoted to hip hop. To succeed as a Hip Hop Dancer in the fast-paced entertainment industry, you immerse yourself in practicing and auditioning. For every hour you spend on a stage, there are 40 sweat-stained hours of hard work spent in rehearsal in dance halls.

Learning choreography takes time, and you need to be in top physical shape to master some of these moves. But since you can’t get enough of the syncopated pulse, training your body to flow with the music is a cinch.

Where you put your well-practiced talents to use is up to you. You can join a dance crew, and pop and lock your way to fame through competitions. You can break into the music industry as a Backup Dancer to your favorite star. Or you can make a name for yourself as a solo performer.

If you’re an expert at creating your own choreography, you may find Musicians lining up to learn your moves for their next video. Stick to your own hip style and beat, and you may very well have your name strung up over Hollywood in flashing lights.