Highway Maintenance Worker

Construct, improve, and maintain roads.

What does a Highway Maintenance Worker do?

When the sun comes out, road construction crews blanket the highways, interstates, and city streets. They pave new roads, widen existing streets, and repave those that are in disrepair. A Highway Maintenance Worker spends their days making repairs to those surfaces, and maintaining the surrounding area to keep travelers safe.

When you’re a Highway Maintenance Worker, each day sees you at a different location. You check in every morning to find out where you’re headed. With job instructions in hand, you drive a company truck to the site.

Under the warmth of the summer sun, you locate and fill potholes on city, state, or county roads, or even airport runways. You look for cracks in the asphalt, or chunks that have fallen off the edge that could cause damage to vehicles.

In addition, you do maintenance work along the side of the road. During nice weather, that means mowing tall grass that could obstruct views. In winter, you might apply de-icer, or plow snow from the surface.

You also perform repairs on guardrails and highway markers. On top of all this, you might trim branches, bushes, or overgrowth that encroach on the road, or those that fall during a storm.

Working roadside can be dangerous so Highway Maintenance Workers are always vigilant of safety. You wear the appropriate clothes, lay out safety cones, and direct traffic around the work area. Thanks to your hard work, the rest of us can appreciate well-maintained roads.