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Highway Letter Carrier

Carry mail to locations to remote locations.

What does a Highway Letter Carrier do?

This title belongs under the big, general umbrella title of Letter Carrier. A Highway Letter Carrier brings mail, be it letters or packages, to houses located along highways. Like any Mail Carrier, you work a set route of houses and businesses, going through rain, snow, or hail to make sure people get their mail.

In this position, you’re considered a Rural Letter Carrier. That’s because you work in pretty remote areas with people who don’t live in towns or cities. Instead, most of the mailboxes you fill are located on the side of a city or state highway.

Since you work in such remote locations, your job looks a little different from a typical Mail Carrier’s. For one thing, you usually don’t walk; instead, you drive an official mail truck or pickup around your route. Also, Highway Letter Carriers, like all Rural Letter Carriers, often cover some of the tasks that a city post office employee would. This means you sell postage stamps, or register and certify letters.

Get ready to work some early mornings. Before you go out on your route, you first need to sort through the mail, making sure everything is in order so you can efficiently and quickly get through your work. Many times, being a Highway Letter Carrier also means being one of the few post office employees in the area, so it’s also your job to provide customer service and answer any basic questions about the mail.