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High School Teacher



Mentor and instruct high school students.

What does a High School Teacher do?

Ah, high school. The years when your education flourished as you were introduced to the literary classics, calculus, and upper-level French. Of course, what you probably remember from that time was how you made sure the opposite sex didn’t have cooties, getting your driver’s license, and finally finishing your nationally ordered years of schooling. If you do remember the actual schooling, you should thank the people who made it possible: your High School Teachers.

A High School Teacher has a lot of choices when it comes to deciding who, where, and what to teach. As a High School Teacher, you can work all over the country, in a big city or a small town. You can work for a private or public school, teach kids from the ages of 14 to 18, and handle just about any subject you can think of–from science to foreign languages to band. Your job is to use different teaching technique-like group projects, tests, and homework-to instruct the kids in your classes on everything they need to know about your subject of choice.

No two students are the same, so you keep a close eye on their progress, and make sure none of them is falling behind. You keep track of how well your students are doing with things like tests and report cards. When a student does run into problems, you offer solutions like extra credit or tutoring to make sure they learn enough to keep up with the class.

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