High School Music Teacher

Give music lessons at a high school.

What does a High School Music Teacher do?

High School Music Teachers educate teenagers about music. More than that, though, they educate teenagers about life. You see, music teaches students more than how to carry a tune. Studies have shown that music students have superior math and reasoning skills, outperform their peers on standardized tests, get higher grades in school, and have lower rates of current and lifetime substance abuse.

While Music Teachers at the elementary and middle school levels usually teach the basic principles of melody, beat, and tempo, your courses typically are more advanced, focusing on music performance instead of fundamentals.

With that in mind, you’re typically one of several types of High School Music Teacher. If you’re a General Music Teacher, you teach academic courses on subjects such as music history, theory, and appreciation. If you’re a Choral Teacher, on the other hand, you teach vocal performance, and likely direct your school’s chorus or choir.

If you’re a Band Teacher, meanwhile, you teach students to play brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, and probably direct one of your school’s bands, such as the marching band or jazz band. Finally, if you’re an Orchestra Teacher, you teach students to play string instruments, and likely direct your school’s orchestra.

Whatever you teach, your job requires giving music lessons and making music selections. You also take students on music-themed field trips, and direct rehearsals, concerts, and recitals. In addition, you test and grade student progress, and conference with parents. (Oh, and you’re also required to have steel eardrums capable of withstanding student rehearsals!)