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High School Art Teacher



Help mold future Artists.

What does a High School Art Teacher do?

If you enjoy art and you have the skill of teaching others, becoming a High School Art Teacher might be the right path for you. But before you dive in, realize that first and foremost a job as a High School Art Teacher requires a passion for teaching: You can use your art skills in many places, but deciding to introduce basic techniques, principles, and history to high schoolers takes a special kind of person.

Because your students are in high school and not junior high, they are most likely a bit more serious and eager about learning some true art techniques. As a High School Art Teacher, you are there to understand where their artistic level is, and help them improve that. This requires artistic talent on your end but being specialized isn’t that important; instead, you’ll want a solid understanding of multiple kinds of art, so you can expose students to many different mediums and approaches.

Creativity and expression is important in the high school years and being a facilitator of that, giving kids a safe place to be themselves, and teaching the basics to the next Picasso or Monet is what you’re going for. Plus, with summers off, you can work freelance on your own artistic endeavors.

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