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High Rise Window Washer

Clean skyscrapers' windows high above city streets.

What does a High Rise Window Washer do?

When looking for a new career, it’s always good to reach for new heights. Few jobs provide a view higher than that of a High Rise Window Washer.

This job is not for those with balance issues or a fear of heights. It’s a better fit for those who never quite outgrew the Catwoman or Spiderman craze. In other words, if you want to be a High Rise Window Washer, you must be a mix between an adrenaline junkie and an Acrobat.

Even superheroes take precautions, so as a High Rise Window Washer, you make sure to adhere to all safety measures. You dress for the weather because in this job, you’re exposed to the elements. Strong gales, wind, rain, sleet, hail, snow, and blazing heat all threaten your safety if you’re ill-prepared.

You start your day by gathering the supplies you need, such as brushes, buckets, cleaners, and squeegees. Once you arrive at the jobsite, you figure out the best way to get outside a 15th story window. You might crawl out the window and lower yourself a few floors, rappel off the roof, or scale the side of the building.

Of course, you don’t have Spiderman’s web-like hands, so you use ropes instead. Each job requires a different mounting technique. Sometimes, you hook up scaffolding that you can raise and lower as needed, and other times, you may hang with nothing more than a harness around your legs and waist.

It’s no easy task, but at the end of the day, you’re physically and emotionally challenged, and the Business Owner is rewarded with sparkling clean windows.