High Pressure Firer

Tend high pressure boilers that supply power for engines and turbines.

What does a High Pressure Firer do?

Tends portable or stationary high pressure boilers that supply heat or power for engines, turbines, and steam-powered equipment, such as steam shovels, pile drivers, or cranes, or industrial processes: Shovels fuel, such as coal or coke, into firebox or conveyor hopper, or turns valves and moves controls to regulate flow of fuel, such as gas, oil, or pulverized coal, into firebox. Reads gauges and moves controls to maintain specified steam pressure and water level in boiler. Removes ashes from firebox, using shovel and bucket. May clean and repair boilers. May treat boiler feed water, using specified chemicals. May be required to hold license issued by state or municipality. May be designated according to type of boiler tended as Firer, Automatic Stoker; Firer, Portable Boiler; Firer, Stationary Boiler; or type of equipment supplied with power as Firer, Locomotive Crane; Firer, Pile Driver; Firer, Steam Shovel; or type of installation as Firer, Powerhouse.