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High-Density Finishing Operator

Operate trimming and coating machines that cut and paint insulation boards.

What does a High-Density Finishing Operator do?

Sets up and operates trimming and coating machines to cut, bevel, and paint sheets of insulation board emerging from forming press: Adjusts position and angle of saws to cut and bevel stock according to plant specifications for each type of board, using wrenches. Cleans and adjusts clearance of paint brushes on coating machine to apply uniform coat without brush streaks and foreign matter in paint. Moves controls to start flow of paint to brushes and to regulate drying and cooling temperature of coating machine to prevent coating irregularities, scorching of paint, fire, and explosion. Observes trimming and coating operations and regulates speed of feed conveyor, transfer mechanisms, and discharge conveyor to prevent jamming, faulty coating, and ragged or irregularly beveled edges. Culls boards not meeting appearance or dimensional standards. Reports equipment malfunctions. Cleans paint lines and reservoir, using solvent and brushes. Records production output and number of rejected boards in shift log. May set up and operate machines to trim, coat, and pack insulation tile and direct activities of tile inspecting and packing crew and be designated Tile-Machine Operator.