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Practice the art of natural healing through plants.

What does a Herbalist do?

As an Herbalist, you’re a natural healer. You specialize in learning how specific herbs, flowers, and other plants can be used to prevent and treat various human illnesses. In this modern age of science and cutting-edge medical technology, we can still learn a lot of things from the natural world, and correct health issues with simple treatments.

Most Herbalists work in small practices and/or in retail outlets. Patients or customers come to you to seek herbal remedies for maladies that have already been diagnosed. It’s your responsibility to combine your treatment program with the medical care that’s been prescribed for each patient, creating a total package.

Being an Herbalist means living in a world of possibilities. For starters, you can work in a private office, retail outlet, multi-specialty clinic, or a combination of settings. Your own lifestyle goals and the type of workplace you choose determine your hours.

You can choose to grow or forage for the herbs that you’ll use in your practice. The incredible openness of this field gives you the ability to create the kind of life you want to live.

Most Herbalists work 40 hours per week doing various duties. In an unconventional field like herbalism, odd or extended hours and/or overtime are common. You may find it useful to attend industry meetings and health expos, both to network with other Herbalists and alternative healers, and to expand awareness of your own practice. Herbalists spend their whole careers healing and learning.