Helicopter Pilot

Fly helicopters for various industries and purposes.

What does a Helicopter Pilot do?

As a helicopter pilot, you’re responsible for the operation of helicopters. You must ensure that flights are conducted in the safest manner possible. Helicopter pilots determine flight routes, speed, and take-off and landing times to fulfill scheduling requirements.

You might be flying a helicopter for different reasons, like ferrying workers to offshore oil rigs, airlifting victims during emergencies, flying business people on chartered flights to another city, or taking tourists for aerial sightseeing tours.

To be a helicopter pilot, you should have good concentration skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, a calm temperament, and the ability to make split-second decisions. You definitely need a pilot license, which you could obtain from a flying school. Of course, this will require successful training in flying and learning the principles of flight like navigation, weather conditions, and flight regulations. Another way of obtaining a license is through the armed forces as a military pilot.