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Helicopter Mechanic



Maintain and repair military and civilian helicopters.

What does a Helicopter Mechanic do?

Helicopter mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing military and civilian helicopters. You need to analyze mechanical problems, replace damaged parts, and inspect the helicopter prior to takeoff to ensure a safe flight. You’re responsible for making sure all necessary tools are available to maintain a successful flight.

There are various possibilities of work for a helicopter mechanic. Some mechanics work in the military, while others work for tourism companies, private owners, and local governments. Your responsibilities, however, are more or less the same: inspect and repair the helicopter per specific guidelines. Helicopter mechanics use methods and instruments to identify parts and determine if they require replacement. You’re also responsible for the technological aspects and you use different software programs to identify any issues in the helicopter. Helicopters are sophisticated machines that require constant maintenance in order to ensure safe flights.

As a helicopter mechanic, you are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in avionics, aviation technology, or aviation maintenance management.

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