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Heli-Ski Guide



Jump off helicopters and ski down mountain slopes with clients.

What does a Heli-Ski Guide do?

This is a job that brings you to new heights! Heli-Ski Guides take in thin air, experience the brisk wind on their faces, and thrive on a natural boost of adrenaline every day. That’s because these outdoorsy, athletic types spend their days hitching a helicopter ride to the top of snowy peaks, and guiding groups of fellow adventurers down the powdery slopes.

Of course, when you’re a Heli-Ski Guide, not only do you get a ticket to the best skiing in the country, but you’re also a Teacher, a Trainer, a Guide, and a Safety Officer. The Skiers on your tour aren’t newbies; they’ve spent plenty of time on the slopes. But they pay you to give them what could be the most extreme skiing experience: being dropped directly into the freshest, untouched snow you can find. You know every hill, bump, tree, cliff, and avalanche risk on the mountain, so you’re the person to guide them to the bottom.

When you’re a Heli-Ski Guide, safety is your number one priority. Typically, the day before a tour, you meet with your customers to lay down the rules, fit them with gear, answer questions, give directions, and let them know what to expect. On the day of the event, you meet your adrenaline-junkie cohorts, pile them into a waiting helicopter, and watch the thrill manifest on their faces. Once on the mountain, you offer advice, keep an accurate headcount, and deal with any potential or real dangers.

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