Haul felled trees out of remote logging sites using a helicopter.

What does a Heli-Logger do?

Heli-Loggers are the Lumberjacks of the air. As a Heli-Logger, you pilot powerful choppers and selectively pluck timber out of the forest without affecting anything else in the surrounding area. You work with a heli-logging team that can operate without building large-scale roads, yarding systems, or any other logging infrastructure. Like an elite military unit, you and your team move in, do your job, and vanish without a trace.

Working as a Heli-Logger is the most delicate and skill-based type of logging you can possibly do. Trees are pre-selected and partially chopped by your ground team. Then you swoop in, grapple the target tree, and rip it right up.

Every day, you and your crewmates face a variety of challenges from the wind and weather as you carry out your mission. You’ll need keen piloting skills, sharp senses, and an agile mind to keep everything up in the air and right-side up.

Heli-logging is most common in British Columbia and remote regions of the US and Canada where building traditional logging systems is impractical. So if you like bringing high technology and precision to the furthest edges of the frontier, then a career as a Heli-logger could satisfy you.