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Heel-Nailing-Machine Operator

Tend nailing machines that attach heels to the nonleather footwear.

What does a Heel-Nailing-Machine Operator do?

Tends nailing machine that attaches wooden or plastic heels to nonleather footwear: Inverts shoe and places heel section over metal rest and against stop guide. Depresses pedal to drive hopper-fed nails automatically around edge of counter into insole to prepare seating for heel. Sets screwhead in hole of machine fixture, holds inverted shoe and heel in assembly position against stop guides, and depresses pedal that presses shoe and heel together and automatically drives screw into heel. Pushes knob to load nail-driving device with nails from hoppers, inverts shoe with attached heel over nail holder and against stop guides, and depresses pedal to drive nails automatically into heel.