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Hedge Fund Manager



Make hedge fund investments and trades on behalf of clients.

What does a Hedge Fund Manager do?

A Hedge Fund Manager is a kind of Investment Manager. As a Hedge Fund Manager, you do trading with the portfolios of clients to lessen financial risk—you are “hedging” the portfolios, in other words. This is a very lucrative career, and if you do it well, you can make millions of dollars.

But with all that money comes a lot of responsibility, including financial, consulting, and compliance duties. Your main role as a Hedge Fund Manager is to oversee the portfolios of your clients. You track the stock market for them, and you do all their trading for them so they don’t have to. All of that trading means less risk to their investments.

You also do a great deal of consulting work, meeting with every kind of client—from a single individual to a large corporation. You break down complex financial concepts, and guide your clients in their investing decisions.

You’re expected to have an area of expertise, and you should know everything—as in, every company, and every type of investment—within that area of expertise. You’re going to have to do a lot of research, analyzing and evaluating every area of a company.

Strong computer skills are also a must because you build financial models and make presentations on your research quite often. Plus, prepare yourself for a lot of traveling—to attend meetings, meet clients, go to headquarters, and so on.

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