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Heavy Forger

Shape heated metal stocks into forgings on the presses with open dies.

What does a Heavy Forger do?

Shapes heated metal stock into forgings on power hammer or press equipped with open dies, applying knowledge of forging techniques and physical properties of metal, following work order, diagrams, or specifications, and using measuring instruments and handtools: Aligns and bolts dies into ram and anvil of machine, using rule, square, gauges, and handtools. Observes color of metal in furnace to determine forging temperature and signals HEATER to pull metal from furnace. Directs LEVER TENDER to start machine and regulate action of hammer or press, and directs HEAVY-FORGER HELPER or MANIPULATOR OPERATOR to position and turn metal on anvil of machine. Verifies dimensions of forging, using rule and calipers. May forge cold metal. May be designated according to forging equipment as Hammersmith; Press Smith.