Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Repair and maintain big tools like backhoes, fire trucks, and cranes.

What does a Heavy Equipment Mechanic do?

When you go out for drinks with your other Mechanic buddies, they may taunt you by saying that your job as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic is very similar to theirs, except your title has two extra words in it. You can sit back, smile in a satisfied way, and remind them that you’re working with incredibly large machines and, therefore, the job of a Heavy Equipment Mechanic is technically quite different than the job of a basic Mechanic.

As a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, you’re likely employed by a city, a construction company, or some other entity that owns a great deal of large equipment. You work on the same machines over and over each day. These include backhoes, asphalt spreaders, fire trucks, cranes, and garbage trucks. Each machine will have slightly different repair techniques, and you’ll be expected to know them all.

You perform routine maintenance on these machines, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, and valve replacements. When something breaks, you drop everything and make the necessary repairs. You may do this in your shop using sophisticated diagnostic equipment, but in other cases, you may be required to drive to the broken equipment and fix it on the spot.

Some repairs are minor, and you can fix them quickly and go on with your day. But others will require you to completely dismantle a machine, and know exactly how to put it back together again.