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Heating and Air-Conditioning Servicer Helper

Assist workers in installing and repairing environmental control systems.

What does a Heating and Air-Conditioning Servicer Helper do?

Assists workers engaged in installing, repairing, and servicing industrial, commercial, and residential environmental-control systems, performing any combination of following duties: Cuts, punches, flanges, shears, and solders sheet metal ducts and parts, using handtools and portable power tools. Cuts threads and packs pipes. Cements insulation in place over finished piping or tubing. Passes electrical wire through conduit, splices wire connections, and tapes wire. Assembles sheet metal components of prefabricated furnaces, using handtools. Replaces exhausted or defective containers of refrigerant with new refrigerant. Lubricates fans, motors, and control units. Installs air and water filters in completed assembly. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to type of equipment serviced as Air-Conditioning-Mechanic Helper, Industrial.