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Controls furnaces to heat stocks like billets, bars and rods as specified.

What does a Heater do?

Controls oil, gas, or electrical furnace to heat stock, such as billets, bars, plates and rods, preparatory to forging, following work order specifications: Reads dials and gauges, and turns knobs to regulate flow of fuel or electric current to verify and maintain specified temperature within furnace. Positions stock in furnace, using tongs or chain hoist. Observes color of metal or reads pyrometer to determine when stock reaches forging temperature. Pulls stock from furnace and delivers it to forging press or hammer, using tongs or chain hoist. Usually works as member of hammer, press, or upsetter crew. May place heated workpiece on conveyor for transporting to work area. May turn knobs to synchronize speed of feed and takeoff conveyors of automatic furnace.

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