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Heater Tender

Tend equipment like atmospheric heaters that cure rubber materials.

What does a Heater Tender do?

Tends equipment, such as cylindrical ovens, horizontal pot heaters, tunnel driers, or atmospheric heaters that shrink, cure, or remove moisture from natural or synthetic rubber materials or products: Loads or feeds rubber materials or products, such as sheets of raw rubber, devulcanized scrap rubber, rubber coated fabric, or rubber products into oven, using trays, racks, handtrucks, or conveyors. May lift fabric rolls onto letoff rack of heater, using hoist, and thread fabric between feed rollers and onto takeup roll. May turn controls to regulate speed and amount of materials conveyed through heated chamber. Turns heater valves to admit steam or regulate temperature and to admit ammonia when specified. May start blowers to circulate air. Removes product or material from oven after specified time. May be designated according to product dried as Drier; Drier Operator; Drier Tender.