Heater II

Control ovens to carbonize coals according to coking schedules.

What does a Heater II do?

Controls ovens to carbonize coal according to coking schedules: Removes flue caps, using hook, and determines temperature in flue and condition of nozzles by observing color of flame and using optical pyrometer. Determines type of gases in flue, using gas analyzer. Reads gauges and turns valves to regulate flow of fuel gas and air and maintain specified temperatures in flues. Observes gauges and adjusts weights on governor to maintain specified gas pressure in collecting main. Cleans plugged gas nozzles, using poker. Inspects airflow and gas-reversing mechanisms, and adjusts or repairs equipment, using handtools. Inspects finished coke visually or with pyrometers for temperature and quality, as it is pushed from oven, and adjusts temperature of oven accordingly. Prepares daily reports from gauges and pyrometer readings, noting changes in pressure or temperature. Repairs ovens, using handtools and spray gun.