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Heat Treating Bluer

Operate gas furnaces that heat metal gun parts to impart a blue finish.

What does a Heat Treating Bluer do?

Operates gas furnace that heats metal gun parts to rustproof and impart decorative nonreflecting blue finish: Sprays parts with steam to remove grease, grit, and dirt. Places parts in barrel of gas furnace and covers parts with mixture of bone chips and whale or pine tar oil. Closes furnace door and moves lever to rotate barrel. Turns gas valves and observes pyrometer to regulate temperature of furnace. Opens door after furnace cools, and pulls lever to tilt barrel and dump contents into sieve. Sifts parts from bone mixture and quenches parts in oil. Blows oil and chips from blued parts, using airhose. Examines parts to ensure shade and color conform to specifications, utilizing knowledge of heat-treating methods and metal properties.