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Heat Treater II

Control one or more furnaces that heat treat metal objects as specified.

What does a Heat Treater II do?

Controls one or more furnaces to heat treat metal objects according to specifications: Places parts in racks, trays, or baskets, and places objects on conveyor or loads objects directly into furnace. Adjusts furnace temperature and observes pyrometer to heat metal to prescribed temperature. Sets speed of conveyor for prescribed time cycle, or records removal time of parts to ensure objects attain specified temperature for a specified time. Removes parts after prescribed time and quenches parts in water, oil, or other bath, or allows parts to cool in air. May test hardness of parts [HARDNESS INSPECTOR]. May feed die-quenching machine to prevent parts from warping. May degrease or remove scale from parts. May draw wire or sheet metal through furnace and attach metal to winding mechanism that pulls metal through furnace.