Heat Treater I

Control heat-treating furnaces and equipment that alter metal properties.

What does a Heat Treater I do?

Controls heat-treating furnaces, baths and quenching equipment to alter physical and chemical properties of metal objects, using specifications and methods of controlled heating and cooling, such as hardening, tempering, annealing, case-hardening, and normalizing: Determines temperature and time of heating cycle, and type and temperature of baths and quenching medium to attain specified hardness, toughness, and ductility of parts, using standard heat-treating charts, and utilizing knowledge of heat-treating methods, equipment, and properties of metals. Adjusts furnace controls and observes pyrometer to bring furnace to prescribed temperature. Loads parts into furnace. Removes parts after prescribed time and quenches parts in water, oil, brine, or other bath, or allows parts to cool in air. May test hardness of parts [HARDNESS INSPECTOR]. May set up and operate die-quenching machine to prevent parts from warping. May set up and operate electronic induction equipment to heat objects [INDUCTION-MACHINE SETTER]. May align warped fuel elements, containing radioactive uranium, using hydraulic ram straightener.