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Hearing Impaired Teacher



Make learning easier for students with hearing disabilities.

What does a Hearing Impaired Teacher do?

As a Hearing Impaired Teacher, you give the gift of education to students with hearing disabilities. Learning together in a class of their peers boosts your students’ confidence and shows how they can still succeed even with a hearing impairment.

Schools of varying levels, from preschool to high school, all hire Hearing Impaired Teachers to plan lessons in a way that best suits the students’ varying disabilities. Understanding and monitoring each student’s progress allows the Hearing Impaired Teacher to find their strengths, and adapt lesson plans as needed.

Your daily activities are the same as those of any other Teacher. Every workday, you plan lessons, grade homework, and answer students’ questions. Yet it takes special preparation to come up with educational materials suited to your class. You utilize any number of learning aids, from sign language to hearing aids, to ensure that every student can stay on track with the rest of the class.

In between classes, you plan out your next set of lessons and submit it to the school board for review. Teacher-parent meetings are also part of your regular routine. You not only let parents know how their child is doing, but also work with them to find out what tools the child needs to learn best.

In the end, unlocking a child’s hidden potential and passion for knowledge is what your job’s really about. Sure, you love teaching, but what really makes your heart swell with pride is seeing your students performing just as well as their non-hearing-impaired friends.

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