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Hearing Aid Specialist



Supply hearing aids that best match your customers' needs.

Salary Range

$54,860 - $88,920

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Hearing Aid Specialist do?

The job of a Hearing Aid Specialist is to sell and fit patients with new hearing aids. As a Hearing Aid Specialist, you use your knowledge of the ear and the way it works to figure out the exact type of hearing aid the patient needs.

The job of a Hearing Aid Specialist is different from that of an Audiologist, or Doctor of hearing, in the number of years of schooling that’s required and in what you can do. Audiologists need to spend between two and four years in a graduate degree program, and are able to diagnose ear diseases and hearing problems. Your job is more of a sales role, and only requires a college degree. Also, you can’t diagnose hearing problems, but you can figure out what the best hearing aid option is for the patient.

The way your job goes is this: a patient decides on their own, or by the recommendation of a Doctor, that they’re ready for a hearing aid. They visit you, and you measure their hearing, perform a number of tests, and, in general, figure out what their hearing issues are. From here, you suggest devices that might work for them, keeping in mind any special requests, like for a small, hard-to-see device or one that has a long battery life.

After a patient makes their choice, you instruct them on the way the device works. You explain things like how to change batteries, turn up the volume, or insert the device into the ear. You also replace broken parts and make hearing aid upgrades when necessary.

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