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Healthcare Lobbyist



Influence the creation of new healthcare laws.

What does a Healthcare Lobbyist do?

A Healthcare Lobbyist is a Public Relations Official who persuades Legislators to create and support specific policies on healthcare issues. As a Healthcare Lobbyist, you’re likely employed by a corporation, such as a pharmaceutical company, or by a public interest group, such as an organization supporting universal healthcare.

Persuasion is the name of a Healthcare Lobbyist’s game. You develop relationships with Congressmen and Congresswomen, and use these connections to further the interest of your employer. As your company’s voice on Capitol Hill, you’re required to prepare press releases, one-on-one meetings, lunches, speeches, and more. The primary agenda is to be such an effective networker that you sway legislative opinion and educate Representatives in order to serve the interests of your employer.

Healthcare is a hot issue in today’s world, and you’re the chief advocate for one side in this cause. For that reason, the requirements for this job include effective and eloquent communication skills, awareness of government laws around lobbying, and a continually evolving and up-to-date knowledge base on the issues and other interest groups involved in the debate.

As with any job, being passionate about a cause makes you more effective. Whether you oppose cheaper but foreign pharmaceuticals, or support free healthcare, there’s an organization ready to hire hard workers who make connections and network well.

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