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Healthcare Lawyer



Help healthcare workers and companies navigate the laws of the industry.

What does a Healthcare Lawyer do?

A Healthcare Lawyer is a specialized Attorney who knows health law–and the ramifications of breaking it–like the back of their hands. As a Healthcare Lawyer, you work with Doctor, hospitals, insurance providers, and other medical facilities, advising them of their legal rights and obligations.

The work of Healthcare Lawyers is exciting because everyone needs healthcare, and it seems government regulations concerning healthcare keep evolving every day. You need to fully understand these amendments as they happen in order to keep your clients updated on their moral and legal obligations to patients. You’re just as passionate about current events as you are about the law and healthcare. So not only do you help your clients avoid lawsuits that could arise simply because they’re unaware of new laws, but you also ensure patients get the quality care they deserve.

Healthcare is also big business. The University of Dayton School of Law estimates that 12 percent of the United States’ gross national product comes from healthcare costs, and that number continues to climb each year. Where there is more money, there also tends to be more problems. You mediate a peaceful resolution to these problems before they become full-blown trials.

Healthcare Lawyers also deal with controversial medical ethics issues. For instance, is it okay for a pharmaceutical company to test drugs on human subjects? How many embryos should Doctors be allowed to implant in women who need help having children? Does some medical technology violate a patient’s right to privacy? If there are no laws on the books concerning these issues, you will argue these questions for your clients before a Judge.

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