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Healthcare Administrator

Streamline a hospital's methods of delivering health care.

What does a Healthcare Administrator do?

Healthcare Administrators manage the business side of hospitals to ensure health services are delivered in an efficient way. You are responsible for everything from determining billing policies to implementing guidelines for patient care. You can work in a hospital, nursing home, or health clinic.

The exciting part about this job is that it constantly evolves as healthcare evolves. As a Healthcare Administrator, you have your finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry, without having to work as a Doctor or a Nurse.

As technology ingrains itself deeper into consumer culture, for instance, it impacts healthcare. You approach this trend with a Businessperson’s mind. You strategize ways your hospital can use computers to automate billing procedures, electronically input medical data so it can be retrieved faster in emergencies, and give patients access to their medical records securely online. You are also the first to implement government healthcare reform measures, and address how your hospital responds to shifts in consumer healthcare priorities. Common areas include preventative medicine and alternative health practices.

Healthcare Administrators can be generalists or specialists. As a generalist, you will be the connecting person between the entire medical staff and the administration team. In small medical facilities, this is most common. You will be responsible for budget planning, managing personnel, and directing daily operations. If you choose to specialize, you will work in a larger facility overseeing just one business aspect, such as monitoring how easily patients get in to see their Doctors, and working to streamline that process.