Health Unit Coordinator

Take care of the administrative aspect of running a healthcare facility.

What does a Health Unit Coordinator do?

A Health Unit Coordinator is the medical equivalent of an Office Manager, serving as a liaison between patients and medical staff. After all, Doctors and Nurses are busy taking blood, diagnosing diseases, and prescribing medications. They don’t have time to interface with patients unless they’re on the examination table. So, they hire a Health Unit Coordinator to do it for them.

You’re employed in all variety of healthcare facilities-from hospitals to nursing homes to hospices. There, you execute and manage all the administrative tasks involved with patient care. For example, you prepare documents like birth and death certificates, and maintain patient charts and records. You also order office and medical supplies, and manage Doctors’ and Nurses’ schedules.

Like an Administrative Assistant, therefore, you spend the majority of your days greeting patients, checking them in, scheduling their appointments, directing them to patient rooms, and discharging them when they’re done. Although you don’t provide health care, you nonetheless do your part to keep patients healthy and happy by making sure they have a friendly, efficient, well-run place to seek and receive medical treatment.