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Health Spa Manager

Oversee the operation of a health spa.

What does a Health Spa Manager do?

For most people, work causes stress. For the Health Spa Manager, however, work combats stress. After all, it’s the Health Spa Manager’s job to create a happy and harmonious environment for guests who visit for services and treatments that promote health and wellbeing.

The services your spa offers might include exercise classes that promote fitness, steam rooms and saunas that promote relaxation, or massages, baths, facials, and body wraps that promote detoxification. However, it’s always your mission to make sure they facilitate guests’ physical and mental health.

With that in mind, you function as the Supervisor of the spa at a health club, hotel, or resort, where it’s your job to oversee people and customer service. On the people side, you hire, train, schedule, and manage health spa employees, including Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Massage Therapists. On the customer service side, you handle public relations and address customers’ comments, questions, and complaints.

Other duties might include creating promotions and marketing materials that advertise the spa, managing the spa’s finances, and ensuring the safety and quality of the spa’s services and facilities. At the end of the day, therefore, your job isn’t just ensuring the health of your customers; it’s ensuring the health of your business, too.