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Health Services Manager



Ensure great healthcare services at a hospital.

What does a Health Services Manager do?

A Health Services Manager plans, directs, coordinates, and supervises the health care services of a hospital or clinic. As a Health Services Manager, you either manage the entire facility or focus on a specific department. It all depends on your education, experience, and interests.

If you’re more of a General Manager in a large facility, then you can expect to have several Assistant Manager working underneath you. Each of them has their own area to watch over. You also coordinate with Department Head, planning things like how to improve cost-efficiency and productivity. If you have a medical background, with an area of expertise (as many Health Services Managers do), then you may be involved in patient care as well.

At a smaller facility, you’re in charge not only of managing personnel, but also of the finances, facility operations, and admissions. You may also work with Physicians to create business strategies for their practices.

In any case, this position is great for keeping you on track to become a Hospital Administrator, Faculty Member, Department Head, or Consultant.

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