Health Promotion Manager

Create programs to encourage healthy living.

What does a Health Promotion Manager do?

Deep down inside, people know that they should exercise, eat right, and perform a variety of other not-so-easy tasks in order to stay healthy. Even so, they might never actually do the things they know they should. A More specifically, a Promotion Manager tries to change that. The Health Promotion Manager determines what people are doing now and what they should be doing, and then tries to entice movement in the right direction.

When you’re a Health Promotion Manager, data is your friend. Access to accurate reports can help drive programs that work, and you do all you can to get that information. You partner with Doctors, Nurses, and Allergists for insight on trends in health care, and you use outside agencies to run surveys of patients.

Using the data, you pinpoint areas that need improvement. If you work for a health insurance firm, you might notice areas where consumers spend too much money. If you work for a county health agency, you might find the smoking rates in your area alarming.

Then, you begin to develop programs to turn that behavior around. Sometimes, you run a series of television advertisements to hammer your message home. Other times, you write email messages to healthcare providers, giving them a script to use on patients. Holding classes in the community might help, and you look for Educators who are willing to speak on the issue.

Once your media blitz is through, you search for data again, making sure your work was effective. Then, you start the process all over again, looking for another way to help the patients that you serve.