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Health Insurance Agent



Provide health coverage to individuals looking for peace-of-mind.

What does a Health Insurance Agent do?

Health insurance helps people out when they’re sick. It lets them miss work and see a Doctor without going broke or into debt. However, health insurance can be confusing stuff. And that’s where the services of a Health Insurance Agent comes in handy.

A Health Insurance Agent helps clients find the best possible coverage based on their personal health history and financial situation. As a Health Insurance Agent, you understand the ins and outs of health insurance, and you steer your clients toward the option that works for them.

When you meet with a new client, the first thing you want to do is find out about their health history and the type of coverage they’re looking for. The insurance you suggest will depend a lot on these two pieces of information. For example, a plan that’s suitable for a college student with no serious medical issues will be completely different from one that’s suitable for a cancer survivor with three kids.

You then help your client understand how to choose a plan, explaining things like co-pays, deductibles, coverage, and how to find different providers. Although ultimately you’re selling a product, you want to do your best to help out your client, finding the coverage that falls within their insurance and financial needs.

You may realize your sales goals from just one insurance provider, or you may work for a group of connected insurance companies. You may focus on one area of health-dental, for example-or you might sell a wide range of services. No matter who employs you, though, or what area you find yourself in, you need strong communication skills, as well as a warm, welcoming, and helpful attitude.

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