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Health Information Technology Instructor

Show students how to handle sensitive medical technology and information.

What does a Health Information Technology Instructor do?

As a Health Information Technology Instructor, you teach others how to use and manage health information technology. While your work is specifically in health care, your more important role as a Health Information Technology Instructor has to do with the technology portion of your title. You work to understand the technology available to you, and how best to use it on a daily basis.

As a Health Information Technology Instructor, you will most likely work at a community college or trade school. You teach students who are there specifically to learn this information. Your lessons include the extremely important systems that are used to exchange sensitive information between Doctors, patients, government agencies, and insurers. This use of health information technology is one of the best, safest, and most efficient methods of quality control in health care.

In addition to training students on how to exchange information between multiple parties, you also teach them how to watch for incomplete files, organize information, update files, and enter information into the databases. All of this work results in a complete file for the patient. This includes records of his Physician’s diagnoses, treatments, observations, and notes, as well as his symptoms, medical history, previous medical exam reports, and x-ray and laboratory test results.