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Health Information Management Director



Create and maintain medical record-keeping systems for clients.

What does a Health Information Management Director do?

A Health Information Management Director works for clients (which may be hospitals or clinics) to build and manage teams of health information specialists. This means that as a Health Information Management Director, you supervise the whole flow of health information in your client’s business-from coding to documentation to education-and make sure it is all running smoothly and at peak performance.

The position of a Health Information Management Director is all about improving upon a system, so your main jobs are to organize and manage. That requires a lot of coordination and goal setting.

Health information management teams and businesses can be big, busy structures with a lot of moving components. And they sometimes need an outside eye to tell them what they could be doing better, and how they can reclaim some of their budget. That’s where you come in. You improve the workflow, create standards where faulty ones existed before, and generally improve performance and work output.

That means you’re creating a system of quality and integrity for the patients, which is the most important aspect of your job. A lot of skills are necessary for this kind of work: health informatics, coding systems, human resource management, and even some legal knowledge. There’s a lot demanded of you, but there’s also a lot you’ll be demanding of your team in order to ensure the best possible patient security.

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