Health Information Administrator

Maintain and secure patient records at a hospital or clinic.

What does a Health Information Administrator do?

Organized and detail-oriented-these are the two essential characteristics of a successful Health Information Administrator. As a Health Information Administrator, you oversee the documentation of health care records in a medical setting, such as a hospital, Doctor ‘s clinic, or dental office.

You need computer skills, as it is the Health Information Administrator’s job to design and manage the computer systems used for maintaining the records. Each patient record must be complete, confidential, and protected from general viewing and access.

You oversee several employees in the records department, and work with various departments to provide information on insurance claims, legal actions, and medications prescribed, all with the goal of delivering excellent patient care. For example, an insurance claim is denied because the hospital billed for the same procedure twice. It is your responsibility to determine if an error caused the problem. Maybe a simple typo led to the problem, or perhaps there is no problem at all and the procedure in question was performed twice on two different dates.

The work you do keeps the hospital or medical facility in line with accreditation guidelines, and facilitates its daily operation. This vital role in the medical field reaches beyond paperwork. Without it, maintaining a high quality of patient care is next to impossible.