Health Informatics Specialist

Create an immense database of medical information.

What does a Health Informatics Specialist do?

The world of health was once a mysterious and virtually unexplored realm, but with the advancement of technology comes cures for diseases. As a Health Informatics Specialist, you turn the computer into a data processing tool for advancing research and scouting out unnoticed patterns in medical data. By setting up computer programs and entering vast medical data into databases, the Health Informatics Specialist creates a treasure trove of information that researchers looking for clues can mine.

With the massive amount of health information available, it’s impossible for one person to sort through it all. Even if a pattern appears, researchers might miss it amid all the other info. That’s where the Health Informatics Specialist comes in. You fuse your computer science knowledge with your interest in health care to create programs that sort through information looking for clues.

On a day-to-day basis, you input new information into the computer system and ensure its accuracy. When you’re working on a report, you create appropriate search terms to tell the computer what to look for. Without your guidance, the computer has no idea what to do.

Perhaps Doctors want to see who presents the highest risk for developing a particular type of cancer, or need to review past information to see if an illness runs in the family. By searching your database, you can look for patterns in gender, age, and previous health conditions to help advance research and find cures for previously untreatable conditions.