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Health Commissioner

Create programs that keep entire communities healthy.

What does a Health Commissioner do?

Obesity, drug use, and low vaccination rates can make an entire community sick. A Doctor or a Counselor can help one person overcome a health challenge, but healing an entire community takes more work and more money. Governments often step in, hiring Health Commissioners to develop programs that help communities stay healthy.

The most important task of a Health Commissioner is assessing the most pressing medical needs of the community. As a Health Commissioner, you read reports every day about the number of people in your community who are ill, and you look for emerging threats. Sometimes, you study health reports produced by neighboring communities, and you determine what the chances are of their problems arriving in your area.

Once you know what issues are most urgent, you develop programs to address them. Vaccination protocols, medication therapies, counseling sessions, and exercise programs all sit in a Health Commissioner’s toolkit, just waiting to be deployed. Before it can move forward, though, each program you develop must be approved by your Supervisor, and maybe a Board of Health.

When the plan is in motion, you meet with community groups, Doctors, Hospital Administrators, and other medical professionals to talk about your new protocols. Giving interviews, writing articles, and speaking with community leaders also helps you get the message out.

Emergencies can occasionally break out in your area, and you take quick action to address these problems. A dangerous virus in people or animals, for example, could sicken or even kill a large group of people. When these emergencies occur, you work around the clock to come up with a plan of attack.