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Health Club Manager

Oversee all the activities in a health club.

What does a Health Club Manager do?

Whether a person likes to pump iron or do high kicks in an aerobics class, a health club is an excellent place to do it. A Health Club Manager is responsible for making sure their experience is a good one. As a Health Club Manager, you keep things running smoothly by handling problems with clients, arranging for new classes or equipment, and taking care of the business side of things.

One of your important tasks as a Health Club Manager is to oversee other employees. If it has something to do with personnel-like hiring, firing, and training-you’re in charge of it. You create their work schedules, keeping in mind things like vacation requests or other special scheduling needs. When an employee has an issue with a client or vice versa, you’re the one they talk to, and you do everything you can to smooth things over.

On the business side of things, you try and increase the number of clients who visit your gym. You might use things like different marketing techniques, membership deals, expansion of class offerings, and the latest machines to get more people through the door. You keep track of your club’s budget, and count out the money in the register at the beginning and end of each day.

As anyone who’s ever pulled a muscle knows, proper training and safety is very important when working out. So you teach your staff the correct way to train clients, ensure your machines are in good working order, and, in general, make sure your gym is safe.