Health Care Facilities Inspector

Keep things clean by holding hospitals to high sanitation standards.

What does a Health Care Facilities Inspector do?

If you’ve ever been sick and forced to lie around in a messy room (even if it happened to be your own), you know how much harder it is to get better when you’re subjected to a gross environment. A Health Care Facilities Inspector holds hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics to high standards of cleanliness and safety in order to make sure patients are getting the best possible care.

There are quite a few pages of public health laws and safety codes, but as a Health Care Facilities Inspector, you’re familiar with them all, although it doesn’t hurt to always keep your checklist on hand. When you walk the halls of a hospital, you have to be harsh, searching out violations where you might not think to look, keeping an eye on how tightly records are kept, and ensuring that all equipment is functioning and up to date.

It’s not about reprimanding a facility; the Health Care Facilities Inspector is there to prevent accidents and identify problems. Most Doctors and Nurses are more than willing to help you out on your inspections. They want to maintain the very best healing environment as much as you do.

If you do find a break in code or a lapse in regulation, you issue a warning. If the facility doesn’t comply and fix the problem within a certain amount of time, then they could face being shut down or taken to court. In a few cases, you may even be called to testify against them.

Sometimes, you may feel like a bit of a bad guy when places like day cares and maternity homes get into trouble. But when you come back in a few months to see the changes you enforced, like cleaner equipment, more diligent Nurses, and happier patients, you’ll see how important a bit of policing can be.